¿Avez vous quelques question sur Forsamamx? 

Notre section de questionnement féquent et déterminé sur notre activateur sexuel naturel Forsammax. Choisir le thème qui vous interésses.

La qualité Forsammax est approuver sur plus de 1.000.000 clients qui font confiance de nôtre formule. Forsamax est gagnant monde neture a Estocolmo comme le meilleur producit de l´année.

  • 1. Comment fonctionne la pastille vitalisante sexuel comme Forsamamx?
    Take one pill 30 minutes before your sexual intercourse, preferably taken with water and an empty stomach.The sexual vitalizing pill will begin to take effect.

    After 30 minutes you will enjoy energy and sexual activity that will satisfy all your needs and your partner, Forsamax helps increase your ego by giving you a strong and vigorous erection, along with a surprising vitality. Is a natural pill that really works and has no side effects because its made from natural extracts.

    Forsamax does not create any sort of dependency or side effects, remember that it is made from natural ingredients. The effect of this pill will last a day and a half in your body.

  • 2. Are there any side effects after taking Forsamax?

    Forsamax does not create any sort of dependency or side effects, remember that it is made from natural ingredients.

    Forsamax will help you improve and satisfy your sex.

  • 3.Is forsamax effective with operated people or prostata problems?

    Yes. Forsamax is totally effective in people with such problems, has no contraindications and is compatible with any medication you take.


  • 4. Has Forsamax contraindications with people with hypertension?

    Many clients suffer from blood pressure problems and does not involve any kind of contraindications.


  • 5. How long does the pill last?

    The effect of a pill will last a day and a half in your body.


  • 6. At what age can I take Forsamax?

    Anyone can take Forsamax, no matter how old you are or the type of dysfunction.

    Forsamax is designed to improve sexual relations of any man.


  • 7. What differentiates the natural invigorating pill from a drug?

    Ingesting products that advertise the prodigious properties acts by modulating blood pressure with possible side effects and consequences.

    Forsamax is a natural product, herbal based and it has no side effects and no contraindications.


  • 8. What are the benefits?

    Forsamax has direct effects on the quality of sexual relationships, improving erections and solving erection problems for your pleasure and satisfaction, as well as your partner.


  • 9. Is it safe to take forsamax?

    Forsamax is a product based on 100% natural ingredients.

    For that reason, there is no danger to those who consume it, on the contrary, besides being a sexual enhancer, it has positive health effects.

  • 10. Is there a product to increase female sexual desire?

    Forsamax is a product for men, although we have seen that the formula has an effect of increasing sexual desire in women, more and more women who use it want to increase their sexual desire and enjoy sex.

  • 11. Where can i buy Forsamax?

    Thanks to its various logistics centers located in United States, South America and China, offers its service worldwide.

    So you'll receive your order from Forsamax wherever you are, over a period of 5 working days



  • 12. Pour acheter Forsamax?
    Juste inscrit sur Forsamax.fr, tres facile pour choisir le produit desiré, juste un clic "Acheter" et une fóis validée le paymnet.

    Nouveau client, juote inscrivevous rapidement et puis procéder a l`achat. 5/7 jours ouvrables pour la livrason.

    N`oubliez pas que vous avez une ligne directe a l`attention du client qui montrent et indique l`état de votre commande.

    Si vous ne payer pas votre commande en 48/72h (virement banquaire) votre commande sera annuler. La reserve vos produits de toute façon la livraison commençera que le jour âpres la confirmation du payment de votre commande.

  • 13. Payer pour ma commande?

    Nous voulont que vos achats avec Forsamax doivent être facil.

    Nous vous proposont: carte de credit, PAYPAL, paiement à la livraison et virement banquaire.

  • 14 . Ceci comprend la livraison?

    Les frais d`envoit coûtera 6,50€ par commande.

  • 15. Combien de temps pour recevoir ma commande?
    La livraison de la commande de 48/72 h et 7/0 jours (laborable).

    Si vous payer pas dans les 24/48h qui suivent, la commande cera annuler.

    De toute façon la livraison commence que a partir de la confirmation du virement banquaire ou l'autre confirmation de paiement.

    Pour les personnes ayant des antécédents médicaux particuliers ou compliqué, s'il vous plaît contactez votre médecin avant de l'utiliser Forsamax..

  • 16. Is Forsamax Spray harmful for health?

    Not at all, is an oil produced 100% with natural products that offer a calming effect applied on the basis of the penis, achieving a better stamina and duration in sexual intercourses.

  • 17. Have Forsamax Spray contraindications?

    No, its effect is topical and because is composed by oils and natural herbs doesn't produce contraindications neither side effects.

  • 18. When it is necessary to apply Forsamax Spray?

    After its application the man has to wait 30 minutes more or less to take effect, thereafter it can have sexual intercourses during about 5 hours.

  • 19 . Can Forsamax Spray be ingested?

    Under any circumstances Forsamax Spray has to be ingested, if this product was ingested it is needed to drink a lot of water and surely you will notice a calming effect in the tongue during 1 or 2 hours.

  • 20.  Need Forsamax Spray a prescription?

    It is not necessary to have a prescription to buy Forsamax Spray due to is a topical natural product. It can be bought through this page: www.forsamax.net


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