‘Impotence’ is the common term used for a certain sexual dysfunction related with the incapability of being able to perform sexual intercourse. Suffering of impotence, or also known as erectile dysfunction, is still a taboo in our society, even if is a really usual affection these days.

According to The Cleveland Clinic[i] and The Massachusetts Male Aging Study[ii], 52% of men suffer or have suffered impotence, which also affects to 40% of men age 40 and 70% of men age 70. As they explain, from 90’s to nowadays the recognition of impotence as a common problem – and not only of elderly – has increased because men have become aware of other health risks related with its origin, especially cardiovascular.


Impotence treatment: what can you do?

Impotence treatment exists and helps men to improve their sexual intercourses – actually some men also get cured. Forsamax is our natural aphrodisiac that works as a complement to your impotence treatment, even after. Thanks to our formula made of rhodiola, ginseng, cinnamon and maca, our natural pills are good at any age and condition, because work as natural male enhancer, also good for lasting longer in bed or control premature ejaculation.

Impotence can be originated by multiple factors. In accordance to The Cleveland Clinic information[iii], the process of reaching a good erection is complex and involves vascular, endocrine, local anatomic, psychological and neurologic systems of men’s organism. Forsamax improves blood irrigation and gives extra vitality being a good dietary supplement, as is not a medicine. That is why can be used with other treatments (related with sexual dysfunction or not), in case of not being contraindicated.


How Forsamax works with impotence?

In July 2013, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published another study[iv] where was found that 1 of 4 men who searched for impotence treatment or information in outpatient clinics was under age 40. This trend of young men affected by impotence is related to the actual lifestyles. Modern men are usually stressed and excessive tired by studies or work; these are sedentary activities as well. In combination with bad habits like smoking, drinking and non-healthy diets, increase the chance to suffer cholesterol, overweight or other vascular affections that have direct influence in quality of erections and sexual appetite, among others.

Our sexual pills can improve your vitality and virility. Cinnamon helps to reduce cholesterol and is a powerful anticoagulant; Ginseng improves intellectual performance and gives extra energy; Maca Andina is the most well-known aphrodisiac from South America; Rhodiola (or Golden Root) is commonly used for reducing mental strain, stress and depression. As you can see, Forsamax’s ingredients are combined in order to help men to increase the probabilities of having strong and lasting erections, because works as natural invigorating aphrodisiac.


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