It is not a secret that most of men worry about the sexual satisfaction of their partners, because they can easily reach the orgasm in comparison to women. Premature ejaculation is a concern for most of men, even if they are not suffering this sexual disorder.

What is premature ejaculation?

According to the British Association of Urologist Surgeons (BAUS)[i], premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction where men ejaculate earlier than wanted, most of times at the same moment of penetration or even before, having no control about it with the minimum stimulation. Most of time premature ejaculation is also related with erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence). Quoting the source, more or less a 20-30% of men suffer premature ejaculation in a low or high grade.

Remember that eventually reaching orgasm earlier than your partner in the sexual intercourse is not a dysfunction itself.  In correspondence with The Cleveland Clinic [ii], to consider that a man is suffering premature ejaculation has to be persistent for at least three months. In this case, is recommended to see a specialist

Anyway, Forsamax are natural pills and can be used as a supplement of your medical treatment, because is not a medicine. Also could be effective for those who don’t suffer premature ejaculation but want a sexual boost and last longer in bed when they feel tired or stressed.

Tips for prevent premature ejaculation

Most cases may not need medical treatment because this could be a temporary event, caused by fatigue, stress or lack of confidence. Beyond of using Forsamax as sexual aphrodisiac, there are other exercises, tips and techniques that may help you to last longer in bed.

Techniques before the sexual approach for lasting longer

  • Stimulate her before the penetration and inclusive help your girl to reach her first orgasm – in opposite to men, after that women could come several times more.  
  • If you haven’t practiced sex in a while, ask to your partner to help you to come before starting the sexual intercourse. Then, possibly you will last longer.
  • Breathe exercises in combination with massages or caress of your partner could help you if you feel stressed or nervous, and it is a sensual way to start the sexual approach as well.

Strategies for lasting longer during the sexual intercourse

  • The Stop-Start movements consist in doing pauses and changing the rhythm of penetration when you feel near to ejaculate.
  • The Squeeze technique is about making a low pressure in determinate parts of male body that are sensitive or directly connected with ejaculatory process.
  •  Leaving your mind blank and concentrate in the corporal answers of your partner instead of stress yourself about avoiding premature ejaculation.

Products for lasting longer in bed

  • Desensitizing preservatives that decrease sensitive on men.
  • Stimulating oils and gels for preliminary with women.
  • Natural aphrodisiacs that could help to reach better and lasting longer erections because improves blood irrigation and gives extra energy.

Forsamax could help me to last longer in bed?

Yes, it could. Forsamax is a natural formula made of rhodiola (golden root), ginseng, maca andina and cinnamon. It is demonstrated that these ingredients might be effective as anticoagulant, giving energy, improving the cerebral activity, reducing stress and fatigue, and incredible aphrodisiacs as well. In correspondence with our clients’ experience, Forsamax effects for lasting longer in bed last 48-72h.

 6 tips to last longer in bed

If you are reading this article surely is because you are looking how last longer in bed. In this article we will share with you some tips about how to control that 'critical moment' before ends the sexual relation ejaculating when you really don't want it.

1) Take your time for masturbation

The advice is simple: masturbate before have sex. Yes, we know you listen it before, but trust us: it works.

An important point is that it only works if you make it the right way. We mean if you use the masturbation as a fast solution when you are excited, this can backfire and worsen the problem. Why? Your body will get used to having short quick orgasms. And this is exactly the opposite of what you should do to solve your premature ejaculation problems.

 The secret to do this technique useful is keep yourself near to the ejaculation point but trying not to do it. Everytime you feel you will ejaculate stop and reduces the movement and penetration strength. Try this few times before reaching the final climax and finish the sexual act with ejaculation.

2) Go for a second round          

Usually men that suffer from premature ejaculation are able to last longer in bed for the second round. Yes, that minds that after the first round stay awake and goes for the second one. Usually women like to have sex for the second time, so try not use all your energy in the first act.

3) Leave your mind go away

Some men say they are able to last longer in bed when they think about something else when they are arriving to the 'critical zone'. This means that when they feel the 'point of no return' is near, they start thinking in something else. The most popular themes to think about are: some number table or the alignment of your favorite soccer team.

Is recommended not take this resource  for all the sexual relations because, as it allows you last longer in bed, you will be less concentrated in the pleasure of the sexual act.

4) Previous game: for you and for her

The previous game is something that all woman like -and man usually try to skip- But think it twice the next time before go direct to the point: The previous game could be your better ally to improve your sexual relations.

Prolonging the previous game your couple will perceive that the sexual relation is longer. And when you penetrate it the time until her orgasm will be less, so you can reach it together.

Remember that with this technique you are not retarding your ejaculation, just prolonging your sexual relations.

5) Retarding effect gels

This gels for premature ejaculation reduce the penis sensibility. This gels are applied in the penis few minutes before have sexual relations. This gels reduce the sensibility in this area and allows you last longer in bed.

This gel are the perfect complement while you are following a premature ejaculation treatment.

6) Last Longer in Bed natural pills

The premature ejaculation pills are the medicine treatment most famous and used for men. The principal pills benefit is the duration of its effect -some pills reach 48hs active-

There are a lot of different pills in the market, the better are the natural pills which are made 100% with natural ingredients. This pills thank to their natural ingredients don't have side effects for the man or for his partner.


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