World Natura Award

Forsamax is proud to announce the winning of the Health innovation 2012 prize at World Natura Awards. This award is a recognition to our excellence in our production process in order to create the most effective and natural male enhancer in market.

This award is the definitive proof of our awareness of the man health and its needs in sexual relationships. The combination of the best aphrodisiacs and invigorating ingredients of nature blended in our exclusive formula, creating the ideal dietary supplementary for multiple affections as: erection problems, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lasting longer in bed and increasing the penis size. ¡All natural! Because it is not a medicine itself.

We were greatly surprised when we received the news and we have to thank to all our customers who relied on Forsamax, doing possible this achievement.



John White (Age 50)

"My job is very stressful, not stop all day, I travel a lot and live periods with a very large stress load. I had problems, It was difficult for me to start or once i get it, finished very early. I really had doubt about products and did not want any chemicals or pharmacy products. While surfing on Internet, I found Forsamax and tried it. The truth is I'm 1100% happy!!.WORKS!. Thanks to Forsamax" 

Paul Rodríguez (Age 25)

"I always was shy and my first sexual experience was a disaster. I got nervous, I felt very ashamed and I often lost my erection. I sought on internet and found Forsamax. The composition of the product it appeared me safe and I decided to prove it. They assured me confidentiality on the shipping, that was very important for me because I live in a shared flat and I didn’t want everybody known my problems. Now I feel more confident, it works and it’s still working. I take Forsamax in long nights when I want to show the girl I’m a machine" 

George Hall (Age 65)

"I divorced when I was 65 and I was scared to think about being in" the market" again. For many years I had the same partner with a quiet sexual life. In one of my first dates I had a small problem and I got nervous. One of my best friends told me that a friend told him about Forsamax, so I went on the web and tried the pack of 4 pills. Now I'm a regular customer of Forsamax!. Despite my age, with Forsamax I enjoy sex like when I was young. It is also natural"

*Results may be different between different people depending on factors such as type of complexion or other variants

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